Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Satellite imagery - Part 2

Update from the part 1.

After closely looking at Bing and Google Maps imagery of Tallinn, I noticed that they are the same, just have different filters:

They were both created using 2008 Apr 21 and Jun 01 DigitalGlobe imagery. Bing looks a bit better in cities, but worse in an area with a lot of trees.

There is also now Bing Maps Silverlight (compare with old Bing Maps) wich lets you look at fake bird’s eye views (somewhat similar to Earth view in Google Maps, but with les control).

Yahoo! Maps
between 2003 and 2004 Apr??? - not in Google Earth Historical Imagery!

Yandex maps
2006 May 07 - same as Google Earth Historical Imagery, but has different filters.

Flash Earth
Uses imagery from Bing Maps and Yahoo! Maps. Link

latest - 2010 May 03 - this will probably be the next default satellite image in Google Maps, because it's the first image since June 2008, which wasn't made in winter and doesn't have too many clouds.

It was created with WorldView-2 (resolution 46cm-52cm)
2008 Apr 21 and Jun 01 images were created with QuickBird (resolution 61cm)

from 2004 Apr 09 to 2009 Sep 20 - 23 images for maximum 25% cloud cover (area search results).
Images were created with Ikonos-2, OrbView-3 and GeoEye-1.

Estonian Land Board (Maa-amet)
Maaamet latest imagery of Tallinn was shoot on 03 May 2009.

Maa-amet uses aerial photography, so image quality is higher then on Google Maps.

Used Equipment: aerial camera Leica ADS40.

Maa-amet's airplane Cessna Grand Caravan 208B
(PDF Report - in Estonian).

How Maa-amet creates aerial photography
(PDF Report - in Estonian)

List of services using Maa-amet imagery of Tallinn:
maaamet.ee (slow, but has more options and highest zoom)
eomap.ee (fast)
kaart.delfi.ee (new engine - now fast)
kaart.tallinn.ee (slow)
kaart.postimees.ee (fast - eomap based)
register.metsad.ee (slow - old delfi based)

Maa-amet Historical Imagery

2009 May 03 25 cm
2008 Apr 25 16 cm
2007 May 17 40 cm
2006 Aug 23 25 cm
2002 May 11 40 cm
1995100 cm

Comparison between resolutions

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