Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Satellite imagery

Not that long ago it was impossible to find any satellite imagery of Tallinn, but now thanks to popularity of Google Earth, they are just a few clicks away:

Google Earth
2008 Jun 01 (Haabersti, Põhja-Tallinn)
2008 Apr 21 (Kesklinn, Kristiine, Lasnamäe, Mustamäe, Nõmme, Pirita)

Google Earth Historical Imagery
to make it shorter:
Kesklinn=Ksk, Kristiine=Krs, Lasnamäe=Lsn, Mustamäe=Mst,
Nõmme=Nõm, Pirita=Pir, Haabersti=Hab, Põhja-Tallinn=Põh

2008 Jun 01 (Hab, Põh)
2008 May 22 (Naissaar, north part of Põh)
2008 May 19 (Ksk, Krs, Mst, Nõm, Hab, south part of Põh)
2008 Apr 21 (Ksk, Krs, Lsn, Mst, Nõm, Pir)
2006 May 07 (whole Tallinn, except small part of Hab)
2004 Jul 04 (whole Tallinn, except north Põh, east Lsn, Pir)
2004 Jun 03 (north Põh, west Pir)
2002 Jul 30 (whole Tallinn, except west Hab)
2002 May 19 (whole Tallinn, except west Hab)
2002 May 11 (whole Tallinn, except east Lsn and Pir)
2002 May 06 (Hab, Nõm, Mst)

Google Maps
2008 Apr 21 and Jun 01 (same as Google Earth)

Bing Maps

from 2002 May 06 to 2010 May 3 (area search results)
2004 Jul 4 (one file from Sample Imagery Gallery)

2002 May 19 to 2008 Jun 01

Delfi, Maaamet, EOmap (same imagery, high quality)
delfi.ee (fast)
maaamet.ee (very slow)
eomap.ee (fast)

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