Monday, August 8, 2011

Old Photos of Tallinn - Part 2

pianoman4Jesus has scanned some postcards of Tallinn from 1976.

latitude 59.498973, longitude 24.928533

Click on Read More to see where the photos were taken:

There 2 photos, which have wrong position on the map. It is very hard to determine their position with satellite imagery, but it's a lot easier with new bird's-eye view of Tallinn.

(1)First 14-story apartment building in Tallinn, Estonia

Bird's-eye view

Location: 59.404379, 24.66762 (on Google Maps)

(2)A view of Tallinn, Estonia
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The C3 building is not on the photo because it was only build 1985 and the photo was taken in 1976.

Location: 59.429342, 24.783957 (on Google Maps)


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